James Juranke – Vibes of the city


On the streets of Mong Kok on a Saturday morning. Drawing to the old Hong Kong. Following the vibes of the city and drawing from the streets energy.

Melbourne, Australia, based photographer James Juranke always captures great photographs and it seems that he strolls around town and casually takes some snap shots of the models which appears extremely authentic – like in this analogue photo-series he submitted.

On the streets of a city you feel lost and small.

Countless streets, countless places, foreign faces.

Reality is often confusing and no one can tell you why because no one clearly recognize it.

aa023-23 aa034-34 aa002-2 aa001-1 aa006-6-kopie aa005-5 aa009-9 aa011-11 aa013-13 aa016-16 aa014-14 aa030-30-kopie aa036-36-kopie aa021-21-kopie


Photography: James Juranke ā˜† IG: @jamesjuranke

Model: Tiffany Tong

Thanks! ā˜†

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