Laura Cherrygrove – Honeymoon


It’s about a girl who grabbed her Saint Laurent heels and a vintage wedding veil and ran off to Vegas with her lover… Now they are dancing the night away in a small motel to the sound of a The Doors record and a small red ukulele.

Sparkling and shining, beautifully nostalgic and dreamy, soft colours and pastel tones – just scroll down and watch this analogue photo-series submitted by Laura Cherrygrove from Berlin, Germany. All photos were taken with a Pentax ES II with two different effect lenses, sometimes double exposed.

06img038-kopie 05img041 03img046 012img029 02img071 08img008 011img058 09img045-kopie 07img064 010img024-kopie 04img060-kopie


Photography: Laura Cherrygrove ☆ IG: @lauracherrygrove

Models & styling: Josephine Meng ☆ IG: @msjosephin & Duc Do Tam ☆ IG: @ducdotam

HMUA: Berni Tranter ☆ IG: @retrophysical

Thank you!

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