Emma Noelle – Michele


These photographs were taken in Maryland over winter break. Michele and I decided to shoot together and bonded over tea, Ghost World, and film photography! I used a vintage Pentax MX and Kodak 35mm film to make these images.

A nostalgic vintage feeling and a great coziness of the surrounding characterize this editorial submitted by Emma Noelle. Beautiful analogue photographs in soft colour tones change into black and white ones and complement each other perfectly.

66690006-version-2-kopie 66690002-kopie 66690004-version-2-kopie 66690003-kopie 66690011-version-2-kopie 66690022-version-2-kopie 66690016-kopie 66690024-kopie 66690020-kopie 66690010-version-3-kopie


Photography: Emma Noelle ☆ IG: @artbyemmanoelle

Model: Michele Budin

Thanks! ☆

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