Patrick Clelland – Lights


This shiny and all in all cozy- and cinematic-looking photo-series was taken by Patrick Clelland.

He captured moments on 35mm film in an artistic way and regarding his series Patrick wrote:

“All of these photos were taken of my friends while on holidays in Taiwan and Japan last month. We stayed in hotels, apartments and old houses. Afternoons and nights we played around with lights and dark corners and tried to create imaginary film scenes. All photos were shot with a Canon A-1 on film and processed/scanned at local photoΒ labs while we traveled around. This meant I spent a lot of time dropping off and picking up film when maybe I should have been sightseeing… but anyway, it was fun.”

fh000009-edited-2 06670009-edited 06670020-edited 4380-17-edited 4380-20-edited fh000027-edited-friends fh000033-edited-friends fh000030-edited-friends fh000031-edited-friends fh000025-edited-friends-kopie


Photography: Patrick Clelland β˜† IG: @dayzedandconfuzed

Models: Eli, Tara & Heather

Thanks! β˜†

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