Martin Tremoulet – Latina Beib x Tremoulet


Buenos Aires, Argentina, based photographer Martin Tremoulet submitted this analogue photo-series which has a summery flair. Much sunny places, some flash photographs – an all in all vivid portrayal of model Maggie Corti with a sense of fun. – Friendly, carefree and with a grungy vintage look provided by Sad & Vintage.

1-kopie-kopie 000008-kopie 000024-kopie 000030-kopie 000019-kopie 000010-kopie 000027-kopie 000011-kopie 000025-kopie 000037-kopie 4-kopie-kopie 3-kopie-kopie 000036-kopie


Photography: Martin Tremoulet ☆ IG: @777agency_

Model: Maggie Corti

Wardrobe: Sad & Vintage Shop


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