Gabrial Deacon – Aranyani – The Goddess of the Forest


Beautiful lighting effects in distinctive and exceptional colours. In this way these photos by photographer Gabrial Deacon appear mysterious and fascinating. They literally mesmerize the attention of the viewer and give fantasy full scope.

When the nightfall comes and the night won’t be long in coming the bloody-red sky colours the silence of the forest into a wild, captivating area.

And then the colour of the air changes into violet and the colour of the fields changes into blue and red.

And the distance and wideness won’t be felt.

And time fades into nowhere.

Not thinking, not breathing, not feeling, not existing. Only perceiving by the leading sound of the heart.

img169g-kopie trippy-zoe-grunge zo-blurred-field-face zo-runni-grungezo-forest-queen zo-400-blow img149g-kopie zo-grunge-spliff-tree zo-tree-red-leaves zo-running-grungegzoe-artsy-field img147g zo-field-kopie


Photography: Gabrial Deacon ☆ IG: @gabrialdeaconphotographic

Model: Zoe Violet ☆ IG: @zoviolet


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