Stefan Legacy – Child’s Play


Shot in the biggest mall in North America, I explored the arcades and amusement park located inside with Raven. Her entire wardrobe thrifted, I captured a vintage sense of style in a youthful body while parading around the mall.

Iridescent, cheerful and sparkling – the editorial by Edmonton/ Calgary, Alberta, based photographer Stefan Legacy is such a visual pleasure that takes you along to a colourful place.

Life is like a child’s play – full of colourful surprises.

What are you going to do with that is up to you.

You can be bored, you can run a risk but you can also take you the time to think about it. But after all everyone wants to win.

For this reason don’t wait too long and take chances because if you don’t do it you also can’t experience if you could be a winner.

And even if you fail in that play then it is only because of that you have to learn how to stand up again.

ste_6473-kopieste_6479-kopieste_6362-kopieste_6286 ste_6318 ste_6447-kopie ste_6403 ste_6347 ste_6381 ste_6388 ste_6508-kopie ste_6434-kopie


Photography: Stefan Legacy ☆ IG: @stefanlegacy

Model & MUA: Raven Moores

Thank you!

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