Harriet Donovan – Safia


Here comes a new photo-story by Harriet Donovan she did with model Safia in the botanical gardens. A beautiful variety of light, some flowers and plants and especially expressive portrait-shots contains this series. All photos were taken on 35mm film as always.

“Safia messaged me saying she was going to be in my city and if I wanted to shoot; I managed to meet her just after getting back from beautiful Barcelona-the sun was going down, my camera was on the verge of breaking and we were both tired but there were beautiful fairy lights in the botanical gardens and a choir were singing. Safia is such a beautiful and lovely girl, especially for somebody so young! I think we did a pretty nice job.”


cnv000311-kopie 8cnv000281-kopie 4cnv00009-kopie 6cnv000211-kopie untitled23 cnv000231-kopie 7cnv000251-kopie cnv00012-2-kopie 3cnv00008-2-kopie 2cnv00007-kopie cnv00025-2-kopie


Photography: Harriet Donovan ☆ IG: @ladyslobberinFacebook

Model: Safia Pixie


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