Carly Siciliano – Neon City Series

This Neon City series is where I double exposed the chaos and beauty of city lights over girls.  Creating a feeling of ‘madness made us’.

 We received this wonderful photo-series from Carly Siciliano, San Franciscan visual artist who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. All of these photos have something truly fascinating – shining lights, double exposures, vividness and an all in all cinematic look. Carly took every photo on 35mm film, specifically cinestill 800, using her Canon A1.

35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano-3-copy 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano4-copy 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano2-copy 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano-1-copy 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano-hd-copy 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano-hd-copy 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano7-copy img_2321-kopie 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano5-copy img_2408 img_2483-kopie 35mm-photograph-by-carly-siciliano6-copy img_2337 img_2481 img_2579-2-kopie


Photography: Carly Siciliano ☆ IG: @carlysiciliano

Models: Georgia Bennet-Murphy, Millie Patersonn & Jess Nichols

Thank you!

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