Tania Apolinar – Consuelo


Tania Apolinar is a Mexican artist based in Brooklyn. She submitted this photo-story of model  Consue Jimenez and her work appears relaxed and dope at the same time and comes in wonderful and dreamy-looking colour shades of purple and blue.

Also she wrote:

“One of the things I love about art is the subjective meaning behind each project and how our own experiences can change the way we perceive things. For me, for example, expressing myself is a very important aspect of my life: crying with no reason, laughing my ass off whenever I feel like, taking pictures of myself and writing about my insecurities in Instagram, using lights and props in a space to create a composition, etc..
In this story, Consue and I shot at my friend’s beautiful apartment in Torreón, México. I wanted to create an ethereal and vibrant atmosphere, just because sometimes I have fun escaping from my own reality and this is my favorite way of expressing it.”

12-kopie 6 1 2 8 4 3 9 13-kopie


Photography: Tania Apolinar ☆ IG: @apollenair

Model: Consue Jimenez

MUA: Cristy Lopez


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