Abigail Berger – Bedroom


A dreamy and atmospheric photo-series by Abigail Berger with wonderful light effects which give every photo a unique and beautifully nostalgic look. A gentle red, violet and especially the subtle sparkle appear relaxed and imaginative.

Divided light. Divided atmosphere.

Dreamy or thoughtful you always remain yourself.

You always be who you really are.

Don’t forget it,

Don’t forget who you are!

photo-dec-28-8-06-28-pm photo-dec-28-8-03-58-pm photo-dec-27-11-47-15-am photo-dec-28-2-04-53-pm photo-dec-28-2-07-17-pm photo-dec-28-2-07-37-pm-1photo-dec-28-2-04-50-pm photo-dec-28-2-07-42-pm photo-dec-28-1-44-53-pm photo-dec-28-2-07-07-pm photo-dec-28-2-06-23-pm


Photography: Abigail Berger ā˜† IG: @abbyb3rg3r

Model: Sarah Grace Donelly

Thank you! ā˜†

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