Tom Weller – Bloom


This beautifully expressive photo-series of Poppy Johnson comes in a warm colour-palette, was entirely photographed on 35mm film and styled by Tom Weller. Tom is a 19 years old artist from the UK and has recently started his own clothing brand called ‘Sullen Girl’. So far he has released two collections – ‘SIN’ and ‘ID’ and this photo-series, titled ‘BLOOM’, showcases his new mini-collection.

Tom wrote us about the idea behind his brand and what are his inspirations were:

“I started Sullen Girl last April with the main inspiration being my friends. Seeing the different struggles and emotions my generation goes through as we go through life, I wanted to encompass these into something that can be shown and represented: mixing photography and clothing to create my own little world in a sense (for example, the collection “ID” focuses on stereotyping, education, etc.). Essentially, I make these clothes for my friends and our generation.

The name ‘Sullen Girl’ comes from a song by Fiona Apple that I thought represented those struggles perfectly, but despite the name the pieces aren’t designed just to be worn by girls. It’s also still a very new brand as I’ve put together two collections so far, so I’m looking forward to seeing the brand develop to more complex and diverse pieces!”

4-kopie 1-kopie 10 11 9-kopie 5-kopie


Photography: Tom Weller IG: @tokyo.beach

Model: Poppy Johnson

Wardrobe: Sullen Girl shop ☆ IG: @sullengirluk


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