Isabella Dias – Kim


Isabella Dias is an 18 years old photographer, writer and also the editor-in-chief of Gem Magazine. She is from Belém, Brazil, but is now living in Albany, NY, for college where she is currently studying psychology.

Regarding her wonderful dreamy-looking photo-series Isabella wrote:

“I`m submitting a set of photos I shot of my friend Kim, who is someone very sweet and seems to have her own pastel aura! And since I`m always being inspired by the people I photograph and try to sense their personal energies and to portray them in the photos, the concept with this set was to create a magical, soft, and dreamy environment, playing with pastel colors to create images that seem to soften our eyes.”

_mg_9013-kopie _mg_9087 _mg_9127-kopie _mg_9080-copy _mg_9098 _mg_9279 _mg_9273 _mg_9325 _mg_9274 _mg_9178-2-kopie _mg_9034-kopie _mg_9082-kopie


Photography: Isabella Dias ☆ IG: @isabelladiasx

Model: Kim


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