Evan Osburn – Reliving Anamnesis


This series is about a girl reliving the stories of her grandmother in the 1950’s. The mix of green and pink tinted shadows, grain, vibrant/ colorful lighting, and the obvious choice of clothing/accessories serve a as a nostalgic factor for the overall piece.

Shot in a nostalgic looking diner this series by Evan Osburn – photographer from Pensacola, Florida, – has of course something from a past decade. Concentrating on portraits of modelย Hannah, Evan has visually captured a great, vintage looking-atmosphere in shiny, beautiful colours and with a dope touch.

hannah-diner-12-29-16-4 hannah-diner-12-29-16-19 hannah-diner-12-29-16-2 hannah-diner-12-29-16-16-kopie hannah-diner-12-29-16-23-kopie


Photography: Evan Osburn โ˜† IG: @evanosburn

Model: Hannah Green

Thanks! โ˜†

Happy New Year, dear readers!

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