Zi Nguyen – My Youth is Yours


A wonderful mix of colourful and black and white photographs showcases this latest photo-story, ‘My Youth is Yours’, by Zi Nguyen. There exists a nostalgic flair in the whole series that is especially emphasized through the abandoned looking surrounding and the 90s style. Captured from different perspectives and expressively modeled by MaKayla McRae & Faith Bakar.

The time you have already lived doesn’t just disappear. It exists onwards in another dimension. You can’t see it nor can you measure it.
You can’t do that.
– Only if you don’t want it.

youth-2-kopie youth-11 youth-10 youth-8-kopie youth-13 youth-7-kopie youth-19-kopie youth-4 youth-18-kopie


Photography: Zi Nguyen β˜† IG: @zinguyenn β˜† Facebook

Models: MaKayla McRae & Faith Bakar

Thank you! β˜†

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