Laura Kovanska – Living Trees


I wanted to show that creativity and inspiration can come from very ordinary things around us.

Here comes a new photo-series by Prague based photographer Laura Kovanska. It looks fresh and clear and especially the idea behind Laura’s creative work is a wonderful one. Laura did this dreamy portraiture story with her beloved friends, not models. She has found an abandoned Christmas tree last year and took this collection of portraits using the tree instead of hair and to give the tree another life for evermore in this photos.

Regarding this project Laura wrote us:

“The photo project ‘Living Trees’ celebrates the connection between people and the nature, the never-ending process of growing up, maturing and transience of being in the universe. Starring the real people and the Christmas tree, Laura has found abandoned on the street. Wondering what happen to the tree because it was in a very good condition and even death it looks very fresh and green – full of life. So she decided to give this tree another life and a meaningful existence. She asked three friends of her to bring up this concept to life. Using the tree twigs instead of people hair linked the project to a collection of portraits celebrating youth, growing up and maturing as a life circulation, which is the very same for people as for plants and animals on the planet. This project wants to show that we are all equal and have the same value. So there is no need to keep the pride of being alpha-animals; lets start to take care about our environment and about us.”

dsc_2461-kopie dsc_2310 dsc_2463 dsc_2297 dsc_2420-kopie dsc_2478-kopie dsc_2625 dsc_2346 dsc_2630



Photography, art direction, concept & styling: Laura Kovanska β˜† IG: @laurakovanska

Models: Anna, Julie & Jakub

Thanks! β˜†

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