Ayu Toyoizumi – Can’t help fall in night

Drinking sorrow in a cup.
Ripping anger with a knife.
She is whispering to the night with a melancholic voice even if she is alone or with a lover.
Contempt and laziness completely surrender in front of the cutting edge of the knife at every night.

Artistically mysterious and with a dramatic expression of model Kanae brings this photo-series by Tokyo-based visual storyteller Ayu Toyoizumi. A great contrast of shadow and light, a certain darkness combined with charm – all that comes together in this latest, original editorial by Ayu.

img_7083-kopie img_6717-3 img_7272-kopie img_7179 img_6818 img_6993 img_6937-kopie img_6769-kopie


Photography & poem: Ayu Toyoizumi ☆ IG: @sushigore

Model: Kanae ☆ IG: @margaretgs


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