Joshua Drakes – Meg


This series by Manchester, UK, based photographer Joshua Drakes showcases a beautiful, authentic photography with a characteristic style to express feelings visually. He photographed model Megan Elizabeth Cowley and wrote: “The overall theme of the shoot was based around how the model’s hair, changed the way we shot as we previously did a shoot for the first time on Friday and then we shot again on Monday, was a complete different vibe.”

You often wonder what do you have to expect.

You play with coming thoughts in your mind and you visually connect the past, the future and the present to something whole.

A piece of luck – because in this moment you experience that you can control these disparities and they can’t control you. Because this unity constructed of three pieces is better to survey.

img_3709 img_3639-kopie img_3718 img_3722 img_3655-kopie img_3852-kopie


Photography: Joshua Drakes ☆ IG: @photosbyjrd

Model & MUA: Megan Elizabeth Cowley


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