Callum McCormack – Endless Nights


The series is about that strange emotion that comes from feeling sad and powerful at the same time. When you’re sad but you feel like someone has their hand on your shoulder. A guardian angel.

Calgary, Canada, based photographer, publisher and visual artist Callum McCormack submitted this outstanding series that comes in powerful colours – nuances of a beautiful blue, orange and red. This series which is entirely shot on 35mm film and impresses with authentic and thoughtful portraits of model Eiro.

51662ljmcc102611-r1-031 51662ljmcc102611-r1-010-kopie 51662ljmcc102611-r1-005-kopie 51662ljmcc102611-r1-027 51662ljmcc102611-r1-003-kopie 51662ljmcc102611-r1-026 51662ljmcc102611-r1-020-kopie 51662ljmcc102611-r1-014 51662ljmcc102611-r1-007 51662ljmcc102611-r1-017-kopie 51662ljmcc102611-r1-033-kopie


Photography: Callum McCormack β˜† IG: @yamesphoto

Model: Eiro

Thank you! β˜†

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