Harriet Donovan – Reanna


This was just a test shoot for her modelling agency but I am sooo into her face and she lives in my city most of the time so fingers crossed for many more shoots together!

The tones of light are gentle and clear. All colours become differently by taking photographs on film which is a special feature that can’t be found by photographing digitally. Analogue photography is always a discovery and you can be curious how the results will be. This photo-series by Harriet Donovan is a great and beautiful example for it.

untitled5 _mg_6928-kopie cnv00023-kopie untitled untitled7 cnv00006-kopie untitled3 cnv000052-kopie untitled2 cnv00004-kopie


Photography: Harriet Donovan ☆ IG: @ladyslobberinFacebook

Model: Reanna Thach


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