Bruna Valença – Gio


Beautiful analogue photographs with a romantic touch, soft tones and great light leaks. The portraits are built interesting and appear impressive. The combination of shadow and light emphasizes a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Bruna Valença’s photo-series is a wonderful example for an impressive, analogue photography. She photographed Brazilian artist Giovanna Simões and all photos were taken on medium format as well as on expired 35mm film.

filme_1405_32 filme_1403_02 filme_1403_03 filme_1405_27-kopie filme_1403_01-kopie filme_1405_34-kopie filme_1403_06-kopie filme_1405_29 filme_1405_30-kopie filme_1405_35-kopie


Photography: Bruna Valença ☆ IG: @brunavalencaFacebook

Model, styling & MUA: Giovanna Simões

Wardrobe: vintage

Thank you!

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