Carly Hunt – Meet You In The Lane Way


Meet You In The Lane Way, is a series based on simpler times. Knocking on a friends door, long telephone talks, and spending time outside. The sense of nostalgia you get thinking about it.

It’s always great receiving submissions from regular contributors. Analogue photographer Carly Hunt submitted this super natural looking 35mm film photo-series which appears lighthearted and just free.

In the middle of the long way you recognize only one thing: it would be the best if this travel never ends.

Because as soon as you arrive at the destination everything will be different. The suspense of a travel is a suspense of expectation for something unknown which will be in your mind for a long time.

82810001-kopie 82810007-kopie 82810009 82790005 82810004-kopie 82790006


Photography: Carly Hunt ☆ IG: @crybbcarly

Models: Mariah deDood, Lauren Dempsey & Kyla Huck


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