Lizzie Atter – Let Us In


Absolutely in love with this photo-series by  Lizzie Atter who is a 20 year old amateur photographer from New Zealand. She took photos of musician Josie Moon and this editorial is wonderfully grungy, full of expression and showcases a dope look. This post contains a mix of analogue photographs, shot with a Cosina CT1G, and digital shots by using a Nikon D7000.

“I took these photos at one of my favourite local abandoned places, an old girls reformation school.
It will be boarded up later this month, so it was my last chance to go back. I absolutely love abandoned places and see them as great places for art to take place. Unfortunately most places I find are boarded up and or monitored by security due to vandalism. While the government decides what happens to places like these, there are people out there 
like me, who want to make the most of what they are now. 

In the photos is Josie Moon, a self produced alternative pop singer. She released her first EP on Soundcloud early this year and will be releasing her second on the 21st this December.”


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Photography & styling: Lizzie Atter ☆ IG: @vvoodsia

Model & MUA: Josie Moon ☆ IG: @mjoonsz

Wardrobe: boots Unif; jeans (model’s own) Just Jeans; red bomber jacket (model’s own) Emporium Vintage; leopard faux fur coat New Look; ACDC band tee; tailcoat Just Giza Vintage on Etsy

Thank you!

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