Vivian Kim – Behind Closed Doors


‘Behind Closed Doors’ is a really atmospheric photo-series by Vivian Kim who is a photographer based in Santa Monica, CA. Vivian shoots primarily, and almost completely, analog, with the exception of commissioned work – as she wrote.

“The photos below were taken in my room with my friend Maegan. I am fascinated by bedrooms and the secrets they holdβ€”into our childhood, our souls, our true likings, etc. Despite what fronts we may put on when we are out and about, we have no choice but to become truly ourselves when we enter into our bedrooms. I purposely only included photos in which the subject was not making eye contact, to further create the perception that the subject is in the secrecy of her bedroom.”

– Vivian

img_2641 img_2650 img_2638 img_2636 img_2635-kopie img_2649-kopie


Photography: Vivian Kim β˜† IG: @viviankim1

Model: Maegan McBride

Thanks! β˜†

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