Laura Kovanska – Are You Bored, Mr. Panda?


It is a short story about two girls living next door in the same house, enjoying a girls night home alone.

This authentic series by regular contributor Laura Kovanska, photographer from Prague, contains vivid pictures of models Barbora H. and Aneta B., all captured with an Instax Polaroid camera. A great combination of a dope look and cheerfulness.

kovanska1 kovanska3-kopie kovanska5-kopie kovanska7-kopie kovanska9 kovanska4 kovanska6-kopie kovanska8 kovanska10-kopie


Photography & production: Laura Kovanska ☆ IG: @laurakovanska ☆ Facebook

Models: Barbora H. and Aneta B. @ ELY Management

HMUA: Nicola Konopaskova


Thank you!

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