Sojin Park – I Don’t Know What I’m Supposed To Feel


I don’t know what I’ m supposed to feel.

I don’t know what I can think…

Feelings are like a trap. They are like a secret chaos, a loss of control.

Thoughts are almost always like a hurricane. Suddenly they can kill. Without any warning and it makes no sense.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel.

Preferably nothing if I can manage it.

In this post awaits you a new editorial by film photographer and stylist Sojin Park. Vivid, expressive and with a dope look every photo impresses.


left: knit top Christopher Shannon; right: shoes Koobi


shirt Lucio Vanotti; colante American Apparel

i-dont-know-what-im-supposed-to-feel004 i-dont-know-what-im-supposed-to-feel006

left: top Lucio Vanotti; skirt Acnestudios; right: shirt Lucio Vanotti; colante American Apparel 


left: skirt margarinfingers


top & jeans Acnestudios; shoes Koobi


left: turtle neck knit top Acnestudios; skirt Lucio Vanotti; right: knit top Low Classic; pants vintage; shoes Koobi; socks Cos


right: shirt Lucio Vanotti; colante American Apparel; shoes Koobi


top Lucio Vanotti; skirt Acnestudios


Photography, styling & layout: Sojin Park ☆ IG: @jinginso ☆ other IG: @PhotographyJINTumblr

HMUA: Sandra Monterosso ☆ IG: @sandramonterosso

Model: Laura Sieger @ The Lab Models Milano

Thank you!

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