Abigail Berger – Cigarette Daydream


Daydreaming. To smoke a cigarette together with a good friend. To conclude peace with yourself and the world. To let go all that what is out of harmony or isn’t pleased anymore. What are you currently thinking about? What are you planing?

Also this photo-series taken by Abigail Berger concentrates on the exploration of teenage girls and their tendency to rebel. As always Abigail captured this series in an artistic and visually impressive way.

photo-nov-25-12-29-15-amphoto-nov-29-12-15-52-pm photo-nov-25-12-30-33-am-1 photo-nov-25-12-23-57-am photo-nov-25-12-25-31-am-kopie photo-nov-25-12-21-41-am photo-nov-29-12-00-12-pm


Photography: Abigail Berger ☆ IG: @abbyb3rg3r

Models: Sydney Sylvester & Belle Tudor


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