Armony Dailly – Girls under the moon


I took these photos one afternoon until the night came to Paris during summer with my dearest friends. I love to photograph them because they are completely free in front of my eyes and my camera. I never judge them, I admire them. That night was a lot of fun!

‘Girls under the moon’ is an impressive, analogue photo-series by the French self-taught photographer Armony Dailly.

Also remarkable is the main idea behind Armony’s shoot:

“A few months ago, I discovered the magic powers of film photography, since, taking photos of my girlfriends with my film camera became an addiction. My work focuses mainly on girls. I would like to express with my photos how girls really are. Women are all the time under pressure, we are fantasized, criticized, we have to be pretty, feminine, thin, but women are more than all of that, they can be themselves, they don’t have to conform to society standards to be “a real woman, a real girl”. They can just be free. I would like to show their truth, their feelings.”

img162-kopie img177 img163 img178 img173-kopie

All photos were taken by Armony Dailly ☆ IG: @armonydailly


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