Julia – To Victoria


It is the light that brings you in life.

It is the light that lets you daydream.

The light that disconnects you from this world and brings you back again.

In your thoughts you are ready to follow this light forever wherever it leads you.

It is a pleasure for us to show you a new and wonderful 35mm film photo-series by Julia, the film photographer from Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Regarding this shoot, Julia did with model Victoria, she wrote this beautiful text:

“First of all I want to say that, because I am writing in English, much of what I want to express is lost. Everything I want to say about Victoria can not be fully expressed here, in a language other than my own. So to begin with I start with something in Spanish: a Victoria la quiero mucho.

Of course: she is Victoria, the one in the photos, and she likes to be called ‘Vi’. She is my friend and I’m very sure that she is special. I met her first at university, we study literature together. Then, over time, I met her outside the world of books and exams. For example I can say with certainty that I already know perfectly the tones of her laughter; or the fact that she likes avocado and cheesecake a lot.

But the most beautiful way I met her is through hugs and my camera lens. At first she said she was embarrassed but then she discovered that she was not like that and that she felt comfortable that she could laugh or that she could be serious. It’s a nice way to get to know people: through the lens, through an outer eye.

Victoria is similar to me. She is blonde, too sensitive, even in grammar class we were dressed very much alike. However, it is also different; for example, she knows French. I don’t know French. Once at her home she read me a childish poem in French, of a wolf  and a cheese.

I know I can not extend my mail, I just wanted to talk a little bit about my good friend. And give her this publication as the first birthday present.

To Vi: Surprise and Happy Birthday! I promise you many trips together as well as lakes of sensibility, analogical photos and friendship. I promise you. For more “serenate” (as your beautiful mother said, with your face and your beloved France).

This series of photos was taken in San Telmo, an eternal neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

I really appreciate the girls from this magazine, Nalie and Lia, who give me the space to share my photos; and, above all, my feelings.”

img492-kopie img494-kopie img496-kopie img594 img501 img617 img599-kopie img600-kopie img488


Photography: Julia ☆ IG: @juliaanalogueFacebook

Model: Victoria Raffaele

Many thanks!

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