Gabi Barrera – Dream & Reality


A diary of sorts, what’s going on inside your mind? Have you confused a dream with reality?

A red haze, a blurry surrounding.

What is going in your mind when you sleep?

What wants your dream tell you?

Or is it possibly a bridge to your reality?

Maybe not.

You can’t explore fast the world of your dreams,

You can’t realize fast the world of your dreams.

This photo-story by artist Gabi Barrera contains dreamy colours and lightings as well as a wonderful surreal look.

img_0892-kopie img_0910 img_0909 img_0899 img_0903-kopie img_0906-kopie


Photography & lighting: Gabi Barrera ☆ IG: @gabrielle.barrera

Model: Mallory Henman


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