Agustin Cibeira – Fine Whine


Nineteen-year-old photographer Agustin Cibeira takes really expressive photos. All shot on 35mm film like this incredibly great series you can see in this post.

“In the analog photos there’s like a mix of various things; the major idea was a Tarantino-style but a clothing brand lent lots of cool stuff and the results are something like: a little Tarantino but much more soft and nice. And that’s a cool thing for me. The model also has that style like bad-ass/nice look and great expressive blue eyes.”


10527-2-kopie 10776-kopie 10516 10511-2 10773 10752-kopie 10529-kopie 10536-3 10541 10525-kopie


Photography: Agustin Cibeira ☆ IG: @agustincibeira

Model: Luna Serena

Thank you!

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