Jessica-Rose Lena – Doll House


It was based around the idea of dolls house and being able to hide in amongst the dolls and avoid reality, and play out your dreams and ideas.

The photo-stories by Jessica-Rose Lena are always a visual pleasure. Sometimes she creates collages with her taken photos as you have already seen in her first editorial she submitted some months ago (HERE); or she puts some stickers on her pictures to give them a more playful look (HERE). This time and together with her team, Mayte Drew (model) and Chloe Bradley (make-up), Jessica visually created a very impressive and interesting-looking doll house scenery.

jessica_lena_-3-kopie jessica_lena_ jessica_lena_-5 jessica_lena_-7-kopie jessica_lena_-11 jessica_lena_-15-kopie jessica_lena_-12 jessica_lena_-14 jessica_lena_-13-kopie jessica_lena_-8 jessica_lena_-2-kopie


Photography: Jessica-Rose Lena ☆ IG: @jesssierosee

Model: Mayte Drew

MUA: Chloe Bradley

Thank you!

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