Léa Cyrielle Brinon – Jeanne-Marie


Léa Cyrielle Brinon is a photographer from France and is currently studying communication/ design at the Glasgow school of art. This editorial, she submitted, contains great captured and impressive portraits of Jeanne-Marie who is one of Léa’s dearest friends.

“My work focuses mainly on the individual.
I am aiming to catch, as genuinely as possible, intimate and atmospheric images.
I see photography as a direct way to bond with people.
As a photographer, “People” are almost constantly part of our surroundings and contribute to my daily dose of inspiration.
Photography allows me to connect with reality, whilst hidden behind the lens of my camera to try to capture moments in time.
It allows me to put myself aside in order to interact, among other things, with perfect strangers; getting to know about their lives and their experiences.
I believe that by listening to them patiently and with true curiosity and interest that magic happens.”


thumb_img_5912_1024-kopie thumb_img_5873_1024 thumb_img_5917_1024-kopie thumb_img_5869_1024 thumb_img_5904_1024-kopie


Photography: Léa Cyrielle Brinon ☆ IG: @lea_cyrielle

Model: Jeanne-Marie


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