Nicolee Fox – Glossy


I was trying something a little bit different, trying to experiment with glossy, reflective materials and coloured light.

This is an editorial by Nicolee Fox who shot this series in Perth, Australia. Her series showcases dreamy portraits of model Bella Tanasi with a beautiful play of light and impressive colour-contrasts that turn out uniquely.

A thoughtful and relaxed atmosphere which appears fascinating and emotional, a wonderful photography-work that stays in mind for long.

Eloise Denny who is also a photographer assisted Nicolee while the shoot an created the make-up.

glossy-nicoleefox-5 glossy-nicoleefox-10 glossy-nicoleefox-4 glossy-nicoleefox-8 glossy-nicoleefox-2 glossy-nicoleefox-6 glossy-nicoleefox-3 glossy-nicoleefox-9glossy-nicoleefox-7


Photography: Nicolee Fox β˜† IG: @nicoleefox

Assistant & MUA: Eloise Denny β˜† IG: @eloisedenny

Model: Bella Tanasi

Thank you! β˜†

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