Harriet Donovan – Olivia


The film photographs by Harriet Donovan are always a visual pleasure. She often plays with exposures, different light settings and with outstanding double exposures which makes every of her photos unique.

“I finally felt a spurge of creativity that has eluded me for quite a few weeks. Playing with coloured filters, double exposures, triple exposures, rain, special effect filters and flash really got me excited about using 35mm film again!  It really is the best.”


untitled21 cnv00016-kopie untitled31 cnv00007-kopie cnv00014-kopie cnv00001-kopie cnv00002-kopie untitled2 cnv00009-kopie untitled3 cnv00005-kopie


Photography: Harriet Donovan ☆ IG: @ladyslobberinFacebook

Model: Oliva

Thank you!

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