Sophie Seymour – Kat


Sunny streets and places, golden light, powerful colours of the nature – an eye-catching blue of the sky, a fresh green of leaves; and all in all beautiful, quite nostalgic snapshots of model Katherine brings you this photo-series by film photographer Sophie Seymour.

“2 months ago I moved from Los Angeles to Florence to study for a semester. Florence is so different than L.A, and I have been inspired by the beautiful architecture and scenery. This story, starring my friend Kat, is a collection of photos I have taken of her around the city. They are all unedited and taken on 35mm film.”

– Sophie

f1800014-kopie f1800006 f1800009 f1800015 f1800013-kopie f1800010f1800023-kopie


Photography: Sophie Seymour β˜† IG: @sophshootsfilm

Model: Katherine Francis

Thanks! β˜†

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