Eduardo Acosta – La Michoacana


A new analogue photo-series by Eduardo Acosta that looks super relaxed, snapshot- and retro-like and. Just one of the best ways to create an all in all authentic photo-series.

‘La Michoacana’ is a very famous ice cream shop in Mexico and it was fun to walk down the street and end up taking pics at that place. Artificial light helped us getting interesting colors in the series and experimenting is the best part of this.
There is no profit in this series, we just ate ice cream and had a cool time”


c021031-r1-18-18-kopie c021031-r1-11-26 c021031-r1-08-29 c021031-r1-13-24 c021031-r1-20-16-kopie c021031-r1-31-5-kopie c021031-r1-33-3 c021031-r1-03-34-kopie


Photography: Eduardo Acosta β˜† IG: @lalovski_

Model: Michelle Sarmiento

Thanks! β˜†

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