Julia – Piel de hermana


I once heard an interview of Eduardo Galeano (Uruguayan writer) and he said “escribir me salva” (“writing saves me”). I agree with him; writing saves me and taking photos too.

Julia is an analogue photographer from Argentina, Buenos Aires, and takes wonderful photographs, all analogue and with an outstanding, artistic harmony in every picture. This series is her latest one and it is called ‘Piel de hermana’ which means ‘Sister’s skin’ in English. It is a beautiful photographic work with a dreamy melancholia in it.

Also Julia wrote:

“I bring here the most recent of my photos. They are two sisters, Julieta (big eyes girl) and Lucia (long hair). Last Saturday I decorated my room, a way of set design, and created a new white and soft place; it reminds me a little to the movie Virgin Suicides (its just a thought). The afternoon was very great: a space of mutual trust was created in my room. Lucia, Julieta and the fabolous make up and hair artist Lara Tazzi are excellent companions of art – without them these photos would not be the same. I am really happy with the results.”

img667 img677-kopie img672-kopie img676 img651-kopie img680 img652 002079960009-kopie img664img666002079960001-kopie


Photography: Julia ☆ IG: @juliaanalogueFacebook

Models: Lucia & Julieta

HMUA: Lara Tazzi  IG: @thecraft.studio

Thank you!

One response to “Julia – Piel de hermana

  1. Maravillosas imágenes.! Un detalle del texto: Eduardo Galeano fue un escritor uruguayo, no argentino. (PLs, talé info account that Eduardo Galeano was born in Uruguay)


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