Eloise Denny – Bella


Beautiful, luminous colours, sunlight that flows through every picture. A slightly melancholic atmosphere surrounded by a haven of nature. A portrait-art with much facial expression by model Bella Tanasi. A feeling of summer an nostalgia. – Those are just some impressions by looking at this series photographer Eloise Denny has submitted. She took all of the photos in Perth, Australia, on Kodak Gold 35mm.

bella-04-11-2016-25-kopie bella-04-11-2016-2 bella-04-11-2016-27-kopie bella-04-11-2016-29-kopie bella-04-11-2016-35 bella-04-11-2016-24 bella-04-11-2016-1-kopie bella-04-11-2016-34-kopie bella-04-11-2016-33-2 bella-04-11-2016-36-kopie


Photography: Eloise Denny ☆ IG: @eloisedenny

Model: Bella Tanasi

Assistant: Nicolee Fox ☆ IG: @nicoleefox


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