Tiffany Williams – Where I Came From


Where I came from takes the audience on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, focusing on friendship and nature. The series carries out a photographic narrative approach on a fashion editorial and challenges us to remember where we’ve come from.

An entirely vivid and especially expressive series of snapshot-like photographs contains this post. Photographer Tiffany Williams from Sydney, Australia, created this series or rather project and submitted so many great pictures to us – it was hard to decide which ones to include in this post.

Looking at this series is like being on a visual journey. Tiffany takes the viewer/s along to different places in a beautiful area out in the nature.

Moreover, a selection of images will be on exhibition on the 6th of December 6pm @ aMBUSH gallery in Sydney, Australia through to the 8th; and Tiffany also published a magazine showcasing her work ‘Where I Came From’.

_mg_1369 _mg_0578-kopie _mg_0618 _mg_0731 _mg_0845 _mg_0927 _mg_0997-kopie _mg_1157-2 _mg_9585 _mg_9133 _mg_9266-2 _mg_9204-2 _mg_9632 _mg_9783 _mg_9977-kopie _mg_9934-2 _mg_1423 _mg_1562-kopie


Photographer, Creative director & Editor: Tiffany Williams ☆ IG: @tiff.williams ☆ ‘Where I Came From’ – Magazine

Models: Erin Taylor, Alicia English, Riva Thomson, Ellie Giddings & Briar O’Mara

Wardrobe: Roam Vintage & Queen Justine Vintage (shoes & accessories models own)

Thank you!

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