Shimyup – The Dryad


Don’t bind yourself to places and spaces.

 Just float freely like a dryad does it, a forest spirit who doesn’t bind itself to nothing and no one.

It hunts the wind, it plants flowers and it saves the place. And there where the dryad stays for long for everything is cared.

But no one knows how long. How long a dryad stays.

This beautiful photo-series was shot by Korean artist Shimyup who is based in Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by nature, by huge trees, the endless sky and meadows Shimyup’s work comes in light pastel tones and a dreamy and strong expression of model Samantha May.



skirt & top Kaliver; coat Shaina Mote; fake furs on knee & shoes Joshua Sanders


shirt dress S. Lee; knit top Kowtow; shoes Joshua Sanders; beach umbrella Kaliver

samantha-may-01 samantha-may-06-kopie

top & dress Alpha 60; beach umbrella Kaliver

samantha-may-16-kopie samantha-may-17

jumper Becca Park

samantha-may-22 samantha-may-10-kopie

top Erik Yvon; skirt & jacket House of Cards


shirt dress Alpha 60; jumper & beach umbrella Kaliver



Photography: Shimyup ☆ IG: @shimyup

Model: Samantha May @ Priscillas Model Management

Fashion & Director: Seri Lee ☆ IG: @seri___lee

HMUA: Tracy Terashima ☆ IG: @tracyterashima

Thank you!

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