Blue Haze by Lia


Blue haze, blue hope, blue sorrow

Nothing is over yet.

Blue dreams, blue pleasure

They are next-door.

Blue haze,

Gentle and translucent

Colours all.

– Your thoughts, your views, your lighthearted existence.

Two weeks ago I shot this analogue photo-series of Mari – in my room, on a street in Berlin as well as on a nostalgic and a little bit trashy looking train-station which was a suitable location to the grunge – chic – concept I had in mind. When we went to the train station there was this lonely trolley cart standing on the way that finally became a great requisite at the end as well. All photos are shot on Kodak Portra film ISO 400 except the last one which is an Instax Polaroid.

mari5-kopie mari11-kopie mari22 mari18-kopie mari23-kopie mari7 mari12-kopie mari31 mari17-kopie mari24-kopie mari2


Model: Mari

Photography: Lia β˜† IG: @la.lia

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