Lisa-Marie Kaspar – Touching Ground


A view weeks ago when it was still warm outside and the sky was clearly blue and the sun shone in warm colours photographer Lisa-Marie Kaspar took this film photo-series of model, and also photographer,  Sophie. Lisa-Marie herself describes the overall theme in her series as “endings and new beginnings”. Just be impressed by her beautiful work and let the photos affect on you.

lisamariekaspar_touchingground_03-kopie lisamariekaspar_touchingground_06-kopie lisamariekaspar_touchingground_04 lisamariekaspar_touchingground_01-kopie lisamariekaspar_touchingground_05 lisamariekaspar_touchingground_07 lisamariekaspar_touchingground_08-kopie


Photography: Lisa-Marie Kaspar ☆ IG: @lisamarie_lmk

Model: Sophie

Thank you!

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