Bobby Prom – Mia


Shadow and light are inseparable.

And there’s no border in between.

All what you are thinking about at the moment can be bright but also dark at the same time.

But all what you earnestly wish can’t be overshadowed.

This editorial is filled with light, harmony and tranquility. A beautiful 35mm film photography-work by Bobby Prom with a great change of light and shadow.

bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-002-2-kopie bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-016-kopie bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-027-3-kopie bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-001 bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-008 bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-007 bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-021-3-kopie bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-004-2-kopie bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-008-2 bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-024-4-kopie bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-027-2 bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-026-3-kopie bobbyprom-miamaguire-film-014-2-kopie


Photography: Bobby Prom ☆ IG: @bobbyprom

Model: Mia Maguire


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