Mary Kalhor – Neon Violet


Mary Kalhor’s photo-series surprises with a wonderful colour palette. A great combination of romantic, grungy and melancholic elements can be found in the whole series. Impressive are the always different expressions of model Simona McIntyre in every photo.

Regarding her shoot Mary wrote:

“This project was an excuse to experiment with bright colors, neon and glitter. The aesthetic of the shoot gave Cassie and Kelsey free rein to play around with loud fabrics and bold makeup choices. We shot in the International district in Seattle at one of my favorite cake shops in the city.”



Photography: Mary Kalhor ☆ IG: @marykalhor

MUA: Cassie Bledsoe ☆ IG: @cassraemua

Styling: Kelsey Husted

Model: Simona McIntyre

Thank you!

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