Yoann Leveque – Julie


“Here you can see my new series made with Julie Fournier; she is a french artist and one of my closest friends. I wanted to create something intimate with this soft light like if we were alone in the French capital.

For this series I used my usual camera canonT90 and a Fujifilm Superia 1600 iso.”

To take photographs at a metro station can be difficult sometimes – especially if you want to take some analogue pictures. You have to choose a film where’s the ISO big enough, you have to choose the right lighting setting, you have to concentrate when the metro arrives so you can capture it in the background as well. French photographer Yoann Leveque took this wonderfully authentic 35mm film series which impresses a lot. Here we have some portrait-like photos as well as some windy snapshots, thoughtfulness and fun, lightheartedness and freedom.

f1040003bis f1040004bis f1040007bis f1040005bis f1040019bis-kopie f1040023bis f1040033bis f1040034bis-kopie


Photography: Yoann Leveque β˜† IG: @yoann_leveque

Model: Julie Fournier

Thank you! β˜†

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