Maite Pons – Grey Days


A fresh sea breeze. Like a fresh wind in your life.

Both means change that lets everything fly away.

Everything that doesn’t belong to it.

A fresh editorial by Maite Pons with lametta, the ocean in the background and windy elements of motion.

All flies away, all changes. However, there remains a good and unforgettable atmosphere.

grey-days3 grey-days10 grey-days16-kopie grey-days13 grey-days18-kopie grey-days20 grey-days23-kopie grey-days26-kopie grey-days24-kopie grey-days28 grey-days32 grey-days30 grey-days33


Photography: Maite Pons ☆ IG: @ponsmaite ☆ Blog

Model: Lewis Macmaster

Thank you! ☆

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