Victoria Zeoli – Whimsical Story


This photo series features over sized vintage costume clothing. We wanted to have fun and play dress up. There is a little hint of the 60’s thrown in.

This is a great, nostalgic editorial by visual story teller Victoria Zeoli. It is full of intense colours with an accentuation of rose and red. The wideness of green plants in the background build up a beautiful contrast where also model Graysen with her vintage dresses looks like a flower. This editorial isn’t just brightly coloured but also full of the joys of life.

vzgraysen15 vzgraysen00 vzgraysen10 vzgraysen13 vzgraysen11 vzgraysen14 vzgraysen08 vzgraysen01 vzgraysen05 vzgraysen17


Photography: Victoria Zeoli ☆ IG: @victoriazeoli

Model: Graysen

Thank you!

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