Martin Tremoulet – Sad Club Babes


“Days of clouds and stars, flowers poke their ephemeral pollen, changes in seasons. A new beauty emerges, strong eyes, a thin and fragile body. A secret hidden behind a mountain. The time changes us but we are firm and strong.”

Lost in thought but still powerful is this nostalgic photo-series by Buenos Aires based photographer Martin Tremoulet. Entirely shot on 35mm film and on  different places – sometimes on a wide meadow including the shining light of sunbeams, sometimes inside and in front of an empty sports hall. A sublime change of settings, light and moods – always beautiful and still strong.

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Photography, styling & intro text: Martin Tremoulet ☆ IG: @777agency_

Model: Mora Luna

Wardrobe: skirt vintage from SAD & Vintage Shop; T-shirt Calvin Klein; crop tee H&M; sweatshirt Lowell Ay Not Dead; cap Adidas; socks Nike

Thank you!

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