Aaron M. Leyva x Ali M. Leyva – LOMA DORADA


Together with his twin brother Ali M. Leyva, Aaron M. Leyva took this analogue photo-series that showcases a very relaxed atmosphere. Covered in sun-light, with wind in hair and shot in front of neutral backgrounds their collaborative photo-series appears wonderfully natural and nostalgic.

aaron-m-leyva-loma-dorada-1-kopie aaron-m-leyva_loma-dorada-5-kopie aaron-m-leyva-loma-dorada-3-kopie aaron-m-leyva-loma-dorada-7 aaron-m-leyva_loma-dorada-2-kopie aaron-m-leyva-loma-dorada-6-kopie aaron-m-leyva-loma-dorada-2-kopie


Photography: Aaron M. Leyva (IG: @caaronml) & Ali M. Leyva (IG: @yyyhkk)

Model: Mariana

Choker: Babygirl Accesorios

Thanks! β˜†

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